Hi ive done a research about Youtube!!!!
youtube was launched on 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim . As far as I know, none of them are over the age of 30.they created youtube because one day they where frustrated because they can´t send a video by email.A few hours later they created a video sharing patform(youtube).They registered the page on the 14th of February 2005 and the site was published on may.  

490 million unique users accounts are created monthly in youtube!!!
Total number of YouTube videos -- over 120,000,000
Time required to see all the videos -- over 600 years
Number of accounts on YouTube -- over 300,000,000.
Youtube is one of the most visited pages on the internet!!!
In the last 6 years Youtube had grown alot.The web page began with 1 account in 14th of february 2005 and now it has more than 300,000,000 accounts!!!!

Youtube is generally to download videos to the internet so anyone around the world can wath it(You need to create an account to be able to download videos).The most incredible thing is that you can become famous only by downloading a video to youtube!!!

In the business Youtube is used to show someone a video.It is also used to make a commercial of the company so anyone in the world can wath it.Youtube is free so companies take advantage of that.

Youtube interacts with other technologies like:facebook and twitter by letting the users of this other social medias download and set videos of Youtube to their profile.

Youtube had caused many benefits to society like: people can watch videos easily,people doesn´t need  pay to watch something,people can be recognized around the world and they can show something to someone of another country faster than sending it on mail!!!!

But also Youtube had caused many problems like:Theres alot more of ilegal movies,The videos of youtube are not rated so anyone of any age can watch videos that are not appropiate for them, People can be kidnaped because they put their information on a video,People lose employment becuse youtube is helping people to get pirated movies etc.

Youtube had replaced many other types of tech like:dvd,paying for tv,cds etc.

Youtube had changed alot of our daily life!!!!!A few years ago when youtube don´t exist people had to go and rent a movie.Now people get on youtube and watch the movie there.Youtube had impact alot the society because people now only have to make a click to watch what they want.

 in the future This page is going to be alot more used than now because in Youtube are going to appear new things that are going to influence more the people to use this page to watch videos.
i have a youtube channel its:pombito98!!!!!

The following video is the most watched video of Youtube!!!!!!!!it has 278.705.842 views